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Original Title: Emergency!
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NBC
Creators: Jack Webb,Harold Jack Bloom,Robert A. Cinader
Language: English
Description: The protagonist of the criminal-comedy series "Psych" Season 6 new adventures and incredible situations. Once on a stormy party, Shawn Spencer has no idea that the events of this evening will lead to unexpected consequences. The protagonist wakes up one morning and realizes that absolutely does not remember anything, except that spent the night together with Gus and Lassiter office. Friends are trying to reconstruct the course of events with a party, but it did not work. Lassiter finds his gun with signs that someone recently used it. Further events take an unexpected turn - knowing Chef, on the eve of the murder the men, Sean realizes that he, Gus and Lassiter was somehow involved in the tragedy. To get to the truth, the detectives begin their own investigation.

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