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The legendary American TV series about the Department of the foster hospital, Chicago became the longest-running melodrama of similar subjects all time of existence of the cinema of the United States. The screenwriter of"Ambulance" was Michael Crichton, who designed the plot of the series, based on his own practical experience as a doctor. Initially, the script was not accepted by any company, from their words, he demanded a lot of overtime, with which Michael was categorically disagree. The pilot release took place in tense conditions, because the series was available for a very modest budget. Due to lack of funds for the scenery had to work in a former municipal clinic somewhere in Los Angeles.The share of success of the risky project NBC ensured the participation of Steven Spielberg as a producer, who tried his best to help the then not too experienced Director to release a successful debut project. In total, the Ambulance was stretched for 15 seasons (the shooting period took several years, from 1994 to 2009). In total, during the broadcast inimitable acting, talented crew and excellent work of the Director and screenwriters provided the series with two dozen Emmy awards (there were more than a hundred nominations for the award!). Among the visiting artists were present George Clooney, Gloria Reuben, sherry Stringbed and others.

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