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Original Title: Es kommt noch dicker
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: SAT.1,ORF
Description: "The librarians" - mystical series, after the first two seasons, got his audience that waits will not wait, the release of the third season. Favorite characters who risked their lives engaged in the search for magical artifacts, by the decision of the creators of the series, will again be engaged in their dangerous business. Flynn and his team, travel around the world, solve the most complex mystery, rebuild ancient artifacts and continue to fight with their old enemies from"Brotherhood of the Snake." Each team member has their own history and the path that led him to work in the Library. The library is one of the oldest institutions in America. The Elevator in it connects the reality with the parallel dimension , where the real magic Library is located. It is in it that many books and artifacts with supernatural charms are stored. And it needs to protect and replenish the characters of the series the Librarians season 3 online. Briefly about each of them: Eva Baird one of the first who fell in the service, he worked in the command of NATO. She is a great soldier with incredible tactics and thinking. Its purpose is to protect the librarians themselves, who sometimes lose their heads and caution in the pursuit of artifacts. Jake stone is a very versatile person, incredibly strong and even more incredibly savvy in matters of art and architecture. Cassandra-unique in its kind, because of an incurable disease, she began to have a very interesting ability. From the corners of his memory, Cassandra easily extracts the necessary information and makes it faster than from the Internet. And the most unexplored member of the team, the thief of the highest class, very much needed when there is a need to enter somewhere uninvited. < li>< ol > They did not get used to each other at once, there were disagreements about the methods of work, but the common cause, in the end, reconciled them, and forced to work in one team. So in the third season of Librarians, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2016, we expect no less exciting spectacle than in the previous two seasons. The Librarians TV series season 3 all episodes free download in HD720 on our website at any time of the day!

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