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  • Drama
Series about love, friendship, victories, disappointments, mistrust and belief that together with relatives it is possible to overcome everything.new york. Brown family is living the usual life. The father is an accomplished, knowledgeable neurosurgeon, he disappears at work for days, forgets about the performances of children and does not appear on family holidays. In those rare days when Andy is at home, it turns out that his presence is not so important, the house is not destroyed, the children are fed, his wife Julia took on their fragile shoulders all the household problems, and the children have long learned to do without a father, mother for them the first assistant and adviser. Measured, quiet life collapsed at one point, when Julia died, the cause of death was a car accident. Andy is shocked, he sees no lumen, stopped shaving, and can not operate, he was left with two children and a broken heart. Son Ephram is a teenager, he perceives all inherent to the age maximalism, all the troubles blames the father. Delia doesn't know where mom is or why she's not coming. To all family members, every inch of their home is a reminder of their past lives. Unable to cope with the situation, the father decides to move.Everwood is a quiet, cozy town, situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. What awaits the Browns, will they be able to establish life in a new place?

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