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American crime series about human cruelty and mental illness from Director Jeremy Crowell. Starring Justin Gerald Mork, Kay Cohen.Absolutely unique project that raises really terrible things and makes you look at the problem from the other side. What if you find out that someone you know is an experienced maniac? The very thought of it seems terrible, and do not even want to delve into the motives, but simply to punish the bastard who kills people. So the emotions we often miss the most important thing – why is a person decided on a desperate act. This series shows the stories of famous maniacs and psychopaths from a completely different side. He does not call to condemn, rather, on the contrary, trying to understand the reasons for such actions. Of course, most of the blame for mental disorders, but sometimes it is a completely different situation. What if the maniac who killed a few people did it because he had no other choice? Sometimes a person can drive himself into a trap from which there is no way out. So, for example, in one of the first series tells the story of a guy who dreamed of becoming a musician. He wanted fame, fans and other privileges, and he wanted his parents to be proud of him. Looking at him, no one would have thought that this decent-looking young man suffers from a rare mental disorder. In a fit of anger or under severe stress, it is a complete replacement of the individual. When he first woke up in bed in blood, he was very scared and did not dare to tell anyone about it.

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