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  • Documentary
Treatment of Explorer In Explorer presents Richard Bacon in front of a live audience diverse documentation. Informative and entertaining the show will bring the audience into the hidden corners of the planet and inspire him with tales of man and nature. For variety, interviews and panel discussions provide the respective topic.    Background & info from Explorer Prehistory to Explorer is long. In 1965, the National Geographic specials, a documentary series launched about foreign cultures, scientific achievements and other topics. 20 years later, the spin-off of National Geographic Explorer, which went as a cost-effective and less costly alternative to the starting line was born. The series has survived to this day, however, had several times to change stations and changed the name in 2003 even in National Geographic Ultimate Explorer. the concept was turned into a live show, presents the documentation in the presenter Richard Bacon and conducts interviews with guests 12 more years. (BRA)