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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Omer-a guy from an ordinary Turkish family, he fell in love with the beautiful Eishan, but can not marry her, ahead of military service. All of a sudden the life of the hero of the series turns, the usual way of life, family, love – everything disappears, Omer finds himself in prison on trumped-up charges of murder. Guy trying to fit all the known facts into a single puzzle, head burning with fire, yet not everything.As it turned out, that the hero was in prison involved in the closest – his beloved friend Cengiz and the man considered by brother Ali. Grief the guy almost died, but the rights were Eastern wisdom – the teacher comes when the student is ready to take the science. In prison, he meets a man who helps to survive, thanks to his science disappeared young Omer, was born cruel and ruthless Ezel. To cold-blooded revenge, you first need to wrest from the heart of love, he did it. For each of those involved in his fall, Ezel has a plan. But they are not born yesterday, the villains suspect that the mysterious Ezel is their reincarnated friend.Will Ezel be able to deal with offenders? Let's find out what will be the final of this exciting story.

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