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There are cartoons that are forgotten immediately after viewing, and there are stories that you know, not even looking at them. Comedy animated series "Griffins" can be attributed to the second category. He goes for almost 20 years and during that time managed to get a lot of loyal fans, not to mention dozens of prestigious awards. As you already know, the main characters are members of the same American family, which regularly fall to various tests. At first glance, the relatives seem quite normal, but should look closer to realize there is no one weirder than them! Take at least the younger Griffin-a boy named Stewie, who began to dream of conquering the planet almost before talking. Or the dog of heroes Brian, who often becomes an ally of Stewie in his Grand plans. In addition, the tailed hero does not run down the street with loud barking, preferring to spend time more civilized, such as reading a fresh newspaper. In the first episode of the 16th season of Peter Griffin is the father of the family – comes up with the idea that he may obtain the prize "Emmy".