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Original Title: Fantasista Doll
Description: At the beginning of the show the audience experienced an unusual familiarity - we were introduced to a gay couple, are trying to prove their responsibility to society and normality. Lena and Steph - experienced and adult women who have found love in the arms of each other. The main heroine of the series "Foster's" ready to prove to everyone stereotype stereotype that lesbians only do what they are traveling in Europe and destroy kilograms smoking mixtures of all sorts. In the first episode, it seemed that the whole point of the project is to homosexual main characters, but later it became clear that a greater extent the plot focuses on the many problems of children lovers. By the way, two mums bring both their own children and foster children. It looks rather symbolic, in the minds of the population by promoting liberal "States" the idea of ??normality unusual family. But do not forget that to follow the misadventures of teenagers is quite exciting, especially because of their parent relationships are almost always in the background. In the first series of problems arise at Marianna - her boyfriend Nick sees the girl kisses with her former "boyfriend", Mat. After seeing the boy did not come up with anything better than to come to school with a gun ... I Callie everything is not easy - she has to tell her mother about the relationship with Brandon ...

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