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Original Title: Fast N' Loud
Channel: Discovery
Creators: Richard Rawlings,Aaron Kaufmann
Language: English
Description: A small town, whose inhabitants suffer from an incurable disease that kills not only the body but also the soul. It's not just the plague - it's a curse that knows no mercy. As soon as dusk comes, there is no escape from it, these monsters terrorize the neighborhood, sparing no one. The plot of the Chilean Thriller Stranger (2014) revolves around a mysterious man who came to the province to eradicate evil. But his methods - not quite clear to citizens, and the meaning of his actions - covered with a dark mystery. It is not perceived by the locals, but it is the reason? Why did he come here, hiding from anyone that is going to change, and that he is the salvation or death? Horror Stranger, which can be viewed in good quality for free, despite the low rating, has its own atmosphere inherent in vampire horror films. It is full of classic images that have not appeared in films of this genre for so long, but they create goosebumps from those who are called "vampires".

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