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Original Title: Feed the Beast
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: AMC
Creators: Clyde Phillips
Language: English
Description: The focus is on the story of a young, but at the same time brilliant guy who managed to invent a time machine. This character's name is Herbert wells. He was overwhelmed by the pride of creation, and he decided to show off to his friends and acquaintances, while his invention, without even putting to the test. Among his best friends was John Stevenson, who was a promising surgeon. He also had access to information about the invention of another time machine. While wells acquainted a circle of the acquaintances with the time machine, police officers who suspect John of a series of terrible murders rushed. The maniac dealt with a large number of people, leaving their mutilated bodies in the doorways. John had nothing to do but throw himself into a time machine and go to the future. Herbert wells did not hesitate, went after him to find him and find out everything. The world of the future was far from the ideals that the young scientist had drawn himself. The main character will find new friends who will help him reach his goal.

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