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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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"Physics or chemistry" - a series of Spanish production. The plot of the series focuses on the theme of relationships between students and their teachers. Actions are developed in the walls of the College,"Zurbaran", where announced the recruitment of new teachers. The lucky chosen-the teachers get the opportunity to dive into the colorful world of the school. But they expect not only joy and professional success, and anxiety, difficult decisions and the dramatic events connected with the students.Adolescence is quite complicated. Adult children have many fears and internal contradictions. In each class there are popular students, leading myself to others confidently and even cruel. It is not easy to have rogue over which openly mocked and bullied. And that can become a cause for ridicule? Insularity, sexual orientation, skin tone and many other reasons. Some teenagers begin to use drugs for the first time experience the delights of sexual relations. What can you do? Age and company dictate such actions. As this will handle the new teachers? Moreover, the teachers can not be assigned to the list of"saints." What to do the teacher, the casual lover which turned out to be her disciple? Just last night she had a fun time with the boys, and today he sits at the Desk and looks at her surprised eyes. How to behave in such an awkward situation?