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Five Days is co-produced by the BBC and HBO. The action begins on a hot summer day. Leanne Wellings (Christine Tremarco) is located together with their two children, Ethan and Rosie, on the way to their grandparents. In a small suburb of London, the three pause briefly with the car, as Leanne still want to quickly get a bunch of flowers for her father. Ask the children to wait in the car. When the mother does not return after several minutes, they get suspicious. Not least, the flower vendor grabs his stand in no time together and disappears - Leanne no trace.    the little ones make frantically searching for her mother, but after a short time they are swallowed by the earth. Then Commissioner Iain Barclay (Hugh Bonneville) alarmed. He is to the case of the triple disappearance closer look next. The further advance his investigation, however, the more entangled the situation is: suspects turned out to be innocent, and suddenly the case assumes gigantic proportions. Commissioner Iain Barclay is confronted with the most difficult and most comprehensive investigation of his entire career.    Main Characters of Five Days    Leanne Wllings (Christine Tremarco) is the wife of Matt Welling. With him she has two children: Ethan and Rosie. In addition, she has another daughter from his first marriage, especially Tanya. Leanne disappears when she wants to get her father, John, flowers. Shortly thereafter disappear Rosie and ethane.    Matt Wellings (David Oyelowo) is the husband of Leanne and gave me her two children: Ethan and Rosie. He is the stepfather of Tanya Leanne's daughter from his first marriage. Matt works at a local gym and not part of the most loyal sort of husbands.    Tanya Wellings (Lucinda Dryzek) is the oldest daughter of Leanne. Matt is her stepfather, because it results from Leanne's first marriage. It is surrounded by the phase of growing up and overwhelmed a bit with this adolescent stage of life. Especially since they can not stand Matt.    John Poole (Patrick Malahide) is the father of Leanne and lives together with his wife Barbara. Because he expects the occasion of his retirement visiting his daughter, he is the first member of the family to alert the authorities, although the rest of the members for the time being does not share his concern.    Barbara Poole (Penelope Wilton) is the mother of Leanne and lives together with her husband John. She enjoys her senior life and looks back with satisfaction at the happy years their marriage back. but with time they also have to say that many scratches have accumulated beneath the surface.    Iain Barclay (Hugh Bonneville) is a British commissioner. He is involved in the case of the disappearance of Leanne Wellings and her children. Iain has already gained a lot of experience in his profession. As part of the new case, however, it quickly reaches its limits, as it takes on an enormous scale.    Background information on Five Days    In Five Days is a collaboration between BBC and HBO. The first season celebrated on 1 February 2007 on BBC One premieres and a total of five episodes each having a run length of approximately 60 minutes. Each of these episodes is dedicated to a specific day after the disappearance of Leanne Wellings and her children. Specifically, the days 1, 3, 28, 33 and 79 will be discussed.    In addition to the dramatic family relationships, the drama series puts a special emphasis on the social impact - whether in the form of radical media hype, the description of lengthy and grueling police work or a critical scrutiny of the omnipresent CCTV surveillance in Britain. The screenplay was written by Gwyneth Hughes.    The staging answer Otto Bathurst and Simon Curtis. Magnus Fiennes composed the soundtrack to Five Days. Following the success of the first season BBC and HBO extended the series to a second season, which aired from 1 March 2010 to 5 March of 2010. This entitled Five Days II and comes up with an entirely new act included exchanged ensemble.    operate under other Suranne Jones, David Morrissey, Bernard Hill, Anne Reid and Hugo Speer in important lead roles in the second part of the Anthology format. In addition, published the two-part spin-off Hunter in January 2009, in which Hugh Bonneville and Janet McTeer reprise their roles from Five Days again. (MH)

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