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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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The series takes place in the fictional For heaven's sake Lower Bavarian town Kaltenthal and follows the daily life of the nuns in a convent. In the foreground are often the feuds between the nuns and the Mayor Wolfgang Wöller. During the cunning and enterprising Wöller is always looking for ways to remodel the monastery according to his ideas, holding sister Hanna, who is at least as stubborn as her opponent, firmly against it.    Main characters of For God's Will Sister Hanna Jakobi (Janina Hartwig) is the heart and soul of the monastery Kaltenthal. However, their unconventional methods not push all sides to enthusiasm. The courageous nun always finds a way to stand their sisters with words and deeds. Giving up is not an option for Hanna.    Superior Theodora (Nina Hoger) is the director of the Order of Magdalene gutters. To make the monastery Kaltenthal financially profitable, blowing from now on a different wind. Theodora looks exactly the expenditure of the nuns. Nevertheless, the woman with the hard shell and soft core is always behind their community.    Sister Felicitas (Karin Gregorek) is a former nurse who now passionately directs the counseling center of the monastery. With passion and commitment, they will not only help destitute sick, but all their fellow human beings. In addition to God the quirky Felicitas also believes in horoscopes.    Mayor Wolfgang Wöller (Fritz Wepper) is a smart businessman who knows the means by which he can achieve his goals, which do not always meet the community interests. In difficult cases, he can rely on the support of sister Hanna, but does not help him out of pure charity. (JB)