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  • Comedy
Based on the eponymous television comedy tells the television series women's hearts of four women who have nothing in common at first glance, actually, except that they all live in Berlin. Nevertheless, the model agency boss Fe, the cafe owner Frieda, the single mother Britta and hairdresser Mandy run more often on the way than they realize.    Sooner or later, they must all recognize that they are struggling with similar problems - be it the everyday work stress or a sword of Damocles that announces itself on the horizon over so many a relationship. Here a love life goes to pieces, as a family zerstreitet: Fe, Frieda, Britta and Mandy find themselves together in love madness again and try to cope with this as best as possible.    Main characters of women's hearts    Fe (Nadezhda Brennicke) is the head of a modeling agency and pregnant recently. A circumstance Fe itself rather not want to admit. But her husband, Mark, looks to the future together very optimistic. Not least, he wants a child for ten years. Fe feels contrast, externally controlled for the first time in their lives.    Frieda (Julia Hartmann) has a tranquil café in the middle of Berlin and enjoys her life between numerous parties and affairs. But then her mother suddenly appears and messes things up. For Frieda finds out that it has an appointment with the oncologist and worries of having failed as a daughter in the relationship with her mother.    Britta (Muriel Baumeister) has a lot behind it. First out of the man, then looked for a new apartment: Now it is only the children at least during the day in the bag to bring order Britta can finally work again. However, they quickly discovers that the new career is anything but a breeze.    Mandy (Christina Petersen) has learned hairdresser and works in a small salon, which is to be optimized in the foreseeable future. In addition, Mandy currently has quite a lot of butterflies in my stomach. The main reason is an online flirtation. Mandy floats literally on cloud nine - and is primarily her hairdressing colleagues carats on my nerves. (MH)

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