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Presented series"battleship Galaxy 1980" is a continuation of the story of an earlier film project, the events which take place 30 years after the famous spaceship reaches its goal. The result of a successful journey is not what the main characters expected-earthlings 1980 are significantly less developed than the guests. Moreover, his arrival to the planet the crew of the cruiser brought with him and a huge Cylon fleet, which now threatens to destroy not only the crew of the Galaxy, but everyone who inhabits the"cradle of mankind". It turns out that the cunning Cylons were given to leave the cruiser deliberately to people brought robots to the last surviving human colony. Insidious enemies decide to destroy all people once and for all.The main characters decide to help other people - their scientists are introduced to the earth community, helping fellow to make technological advances, to invent new weapons and other equipment. Perhaps now the earthlings will have a chance to survive and fight the invaders.We can not say that the continuation of the sensational at the time of science fiction cinema managed to be as exciting, because the lack of budget allowed to remove only 10 episodes. It is known that most of the main actors involved in the filming of the first part, refused to continue to work for their personal reasons.

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