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Original Title: Gangster's Petersburg
Creators: Vladimir Bortko,Vladimir Dostal,Leonid Markin,Andrey Benediktoff,Vlad Furman,Sergey Vinokurov
Description: The main heroes of the film "Ghost Tower" are two men. One works in another FBI at the CIA. As a result of frequent terrorist attacks they have to combine their own efforts. The main culprit troubles getting Osama bin Laden. He's going to America to avenge the deaths of their own people and came up with a terrible decision. All this will result in a disaster happened the eleventh of September. But before that there will be more terrorist attacks and numerous heroes have to do everything possible in an attempt to prevent them. Do this is very difficult and it is necessary to hope that there will be those who will decide to help them in difficult times. They will be able to save innocent lives, or their efforts will not have any positive results?

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