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rotate the consequences in Hollywood (at Prospect Avenue ABC Television Center West and the Sunset-Gower Studios). The first episodes were 30 minutes in 1976 was extended to 45 minutes. Since 1978, each episode is a whole hour.    The authors of the series, the soap opera specialists Frank and Doris Hursley. They continued with this classic many standards that influenced the soap opera genre. On the initial success of the first episodes of General Hospital followed until the mid-1970s declining ratings, which would have resulted in 1978 to oust the series. A new producer, Gloria Monty, was the turning point, and throughout the 1980s led the series almost before anyone else on the list of the series with the highest ratings.    General Hospital is often described as a typical hospital drama; but this is only partly true, since the hospital is only pivot of doctors working there with them, accompanying family clans and their problems and affairs. To patients and operations, it is only incidentally.    In Germany in 1988 were first aired episodes of Sat.1, followed by several repetitions at different private channels (among others on the pay-TV channel Premiere), but these were sold always at different times. The sequences shown in Germany and synchronized been shown in the United States to the original broadcast dates from February 1980 to August 1983. The series is produced in the US remains and broadcast.    In 1981, the series also received an Emmy. General Hospital is also the one soap opera, the "Outstanding Drama Series" was awarded in the category most Daytime Emmys namely a total of nine times in 1981, 1984, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005 and of 2006.    structuring    General Hospital in the fictional town of Port Charles near New York.    Each sequence of applied as a family series soap opera is structured parallel. That is, there run several different storylines side by side, which usually play in different locations. In between is reciprocated between the individual scenes and hergewechselt so that it comes within a series of classic cliffhanger situations, which is used to generate power. The various actions are woven into the overall story together and meet each other again and again.    The interlocking actions are weighted differently. So there are usually a few major acts that can extend over months or years. Much of the series consists of conversations and discussions at different locations; these are usually located inside buildings. Much needs of the viewers need to do is imagine addition, exteriors are relatively rare and usually found only apply if it is guided towards a particularly exciting plot development.    Of interest is the social weighting of the main actors. So there except the very rich family clan (the quarterback Maine) and the well-paid doctors, the more average characters from the port area, whose lives are equally illuminated. All these figures are fatefully linked together and meet each other sooner or later.