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  • Drama
The film is not about the tragedy of individuals or families, it is a film about the greatest drama of the twentieth century – world war II.1941. Five friends – three guys and two girls spend time in a small cafe before sending to the Eastern front, they are cheerful and full of hope. The next meeting of young people appointed for Christmas, because the Soviet Union will fall in a few months, and, therefore, returning winners, you can continue to enjoy life.But the war dragged on, breaking the fate of thousands of people. Fearless officer of the Wehrmacht, past Europe, escaped from the battlefield, broken heroism of Soviet soldiers, his brother, who did not want to kill anyone, now coolly destroys all who stand in his way, one of the heroines, performing miracles of heroism, saves the wounded, and the Germans and Russians. And then they go to Hell! Russian winter, frontline hospital, concentration camp, prison, Shtrafbat ... the Characters are not perfect, but they all want to survive in this terrible war and meet again. Human qualities of Germans, their fears and experiences are shown. They are also people, and also became hostages of the political games of the leadership of their country. The previously planned meeting took place only in the summer of 1945.

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