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Original Title: Geordies Overboard
Language: English
Description: The rich and the poor. Sometimes the difference between them is measured not only by the thickness of the purse, but also by simple human relations. Considering themselves better than others, wealthy citizens sometimes do not stand on ceremony with those who have not achieved success in life. Single mom works for a cleaning company. She is instructed to put in order the yacht on which the Mexican businessman is drinking, having fun and leading a rampant lifestyle. He constantly finds fault with a woman, expresses his disdain and even openly insults. After all, he throws the cleaning lady's things overboard. Friends find the idea funny and the fun on the yacht continues.But the insidious fate of those who consider themselves its owner. The yacht gets caught in a storm. Its owner falls overboard, and the water brings the body to the coast. The cleaner, learning about the accident decides to take revenge on the fat man. She comes to the hospital and claims that the drowned man is a loser her beloved man who lost his memory. Yesterday's billionaire is in a miserable shack with a leaky roof. He is surprised to learn that he is the father of children and works simultaneously in three places. Life turns into a series of gray and working days. But my husband even likes it. He learned the joy of communicating with children and his beloved wife. Isn't it time to tell the punished oligarch who he really is?

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