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Original Title: Gilgamesh
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Creators: Shotaro Ishinomori,Masahiko Murata
Description: Comic series takes us to the XVII century and introduces the life of William Shakespeare, no idea how huge legacy will be his work. He just enjoys life, creates plays and always gets into ridiculous situations from which to extricate himself with the help of friends. At the beginning of the third season, we learn that Shakespeare's career develops successfully. It does not leave the inspiration that helps the playwright to create new masterpieces. In the first series of the new part, he begins to write a new play. Inventing capacious name - "Midsummer Night's Dream" - William begins to plot part, but faces obstacles. Fills his inspiration disappears somewhere, besides the main character of the sitcom "our William Shakespeare," there are problems on the personal front. Trying to deal with them as they become available, the playwright turned for help to the Bottom, and he promises to find a tool that will help win back the hearts of the ladies. But this leads to the beginning of the next adventure in which Shakespeare had to take part. However, this does not prevent it, but even helps to create an interesting story! But when it becomes clear that the "Midsummer Night's Dream" fell readers to taste, the hero decides to create a work whose main character would be a certain hamlet.

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