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Original Title: Gintama
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: TV Tokyo
Creators: Hideaki Sorachi
Description: Lexx (English Lexx.) - a science fiction television series about the adventures of a completely dissimilar personalities on a spaceship "Lexx". Spacecraft "Lexx" - "the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes." It is a huge living and intelligent spaceship, which is inherently insect: it is very similar to a dragonfly both externally and in Physiology (he is afraid of cobwebs and spiders, if they have space dimensions). It is designed to destroy the planet one powerful shot that then swallow biological residues and use them as fuel. "Lexx" was originally grown for the service of His Divine Shadow and later instituted to destroy them "Divine Order". The universe and the plot of the series is based on several "laws", among which are: time has a beginning has an end and time. Then time begins again. All that we made in the past cycles of time, and we do this, and we will make the following. But this does not mean an absolute fatalism, because our actions and fate may vary from cycle to cycle (cycle lasts about 14 billion years). And Prophetess time, having the ability to look at previous cycles of time may indicate only about our future, there are parallel universes. At least two of them - the universe of Light and Dark Zone (where we live). Travel between them is not too difficult - enough to blow up a black hole or to collect all the matter of the universe at one point to form a fractal core - the transition point between the two universes

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