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  • Drama
A fascinating South Korean fantasy series with elements of drama tells an amazing story about an ancient demon.In ancient times, there lived an invincible General named Kim Shin. However, the young king killed him out of envy. Kim became a Goblin with the gift of immortality. At first he thought he was very lucky. But with age came the realization that it is a curse.In order to die, a Goblin must marry a mortal girl. Goes a long nine years of torment and expectations. One night our immortal hero saves a pregnant woman who is destined to die. Meanwhile, the angel of Death cannot find the woman he must take with him. She successfully gives birth to a girl and gives the name JI Yun-Tak. Passes nine years. JI lives with his mother and can see ghosts. Mother dies and meets, finally," Ruthless Reaper" in this night.This day. JI is graduating from high school. The girl still sees spirits and can hear how they whisper to her:"Bride of the Goblin". Now our heroine lives in the family of her aunt, where the poor thing did not favor. On his birthday, JI rests on the sea coast with a birthday cake and lighted candles. And suddenly our demon materializes in front of the birthday girl. The Goblin doesn't understand what's going on, but he constantly heard the words of the girl, and he, unwittingly, goes to her call. Now this happens every time JI puts out the light. And one day she tells Kim that he is a Goblin, and she is his bride...

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