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The first season will tell us the incredible story of a man who easily put on the ears of the whole area. Probably in the area there is no one who doesn't know this horror on wheels. That's what the guy was called because of his love for motorcycles. The guy himself is tired of the fact that he still does not have a girlfriend and he could not achieve anything in life decides to go to work in school as a teacher. His friends are skeptical about this, but the guy does not intend to retreat. A little more and he gets the desired position, and with it the most unmanageable class, but it seems only gives him confidence, because if he does not teach them everything, then who. but it is after this that a variety of tests begin, as a man has to face the disgusting antics of students. They are cunning and clever and use against him a variety of tricks. This class is confident that they will get rid of Onizuki as easily as the previous teacher, but it is not so simple. This man is not used to give up and it seems he has more than one ACE in his pocket. So the kids have to admit that their teacher is really cool. The truth here will evaluate whether his teaching methods, the Director and the parents or the man did ask to leave?

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