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Original Title: Grill den Profi
Channel: VOX
Description: Fantastic film "Dungeons and Dragons 3: The Book of Spells" - the continuation of the story about the inhabitants of a magical Izmir. The plot tells the story of the legend according to which the evil wizard Nagrul gives soul to the devil in order to ensure the spirit of eternal life, when his body will grow old and die. Ritual assumed the production of body Nagrula Black Book - Page became his skin, bones served as cover, while they themselves were written in blood spell sorcerer. Anyone who gets hold of this book instantly became a servant of evil. The army of dark forces grew and spread gradually throughout the world. A group of brave knights of the Order of New Sun break the army of dark forces, but before the fight servants of the devil manage to hide the Black Book. Now the Knights will find a spell book and save the world from cruelty, evil and violence.

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