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Original Title: Großstadtrevier
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ARD
Creators: Jürgen Roland
Description: The new season of "South Park" begins with the tragic incidents in the city. Suddenly, the students begin to come to the school with a weapon and shoot at his peers. But no one pays attention to it, because the incident happens constantly. The only person who is aware of the problem - it's Sharon. After learning about the next attack on the children at school, she is trying to get support from Randy. However, he believes that his wife is exaggerating the problem because she began menstruation. Stan, despite the fact that the exchange of fire took place before his eyes, and ignores them that exasperated Sharon. Meanwhile, Cartman disappointed with the results of the control of mathematics. He intends to persuade a single black student to give him written off. To correct a bad grade, Cartman is ready to go even to communicate with the honors parents. While in school, there is a regular exchange of fire crazed teenager with police arrived, Cartman tries to blackmail to persuade classmates to help him in the math class. Stan is injured, but no one is trying to help him.

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