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Original Title: Gülperi
Description: The main character of the series Gyulperi suffers from the loss of her beloved husband. Man killed on the border with Iraq. It not determined who committed such a brutal crime. Now Gyulperi falls into a deep depression and suffering because of such a bitter loss. Because of her suffering a crisis occurs in the family. The relationship between the husband and his family Gyulperi tense. Relatives of the dead man accused of the main character in that because of its influence husband went on a deadly job and now find themselves killed. Gyulperi can deprive children, but she is fighting for the right to educate them. Because of this, the woman soon finds himself in jail. After serving his term Gyulperi sent to Istanbul where he will try to start a new life with a clean slate. Of course, it will be very difficult, but she believes that all her work. It was here in Istanbul heroine meets a young man Kadeer, whom she had known since childhood. Gyulperi was in love with this young man is still at a young age, however, and could not admit his feelings. Now the relationship with Kadir curled in an incredible way. Gyulperi hopes that finally will establish privacy, but still believes that he will return to the children home.

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