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The plot of Guilty Crown plays in 2039 in Tokyo. After the year 2029 an unidentified virus called Lost Christmas has erupted, Japan, is controlled by a secret organization, called GHQ. It is in this world of 17-year-old Ouma Shu, who has a supernatural power in his right hand lives. He can use this power to extract weapons and other items to his friends. Actually, Ouma Shu has retracted to cause any trouble, but his life changes dramatically when he meets the girl Yuzuriha Inori because Inori's fighter a rebellious underground movement.    Main characters of Guilty Crown    Shu Ouma is the main character of the series Guilty Crown. He is in his second year of high school and is more retarded from a social perspective. At his school, he is a member of the image and video search Club. Shu's mother works for Sephirah Genomics and his father was killed at the outbreak of the virus.    Inori Yuzuhira is the female heroine of Guilty Crown series. It is also 17 years old and sings in a band that calls itself egoist. She is also a member of the resistance movement 'Funeral Parlor' and their weapon is a sword.    Gai Tsutsugami is the charismatic leader of the resistance movement 'Funeral Parlor'. He is also 17 years old. He is charming, but can also be manipulative. He is a fearless leader and does not like to be disappointed. He hopes to instigate by Shu force a revolution.

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