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Original Title: Hackerville
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: TNT Serie,HBO Europe
Creators: Jörg Winger
Description: Fighting hackers did not stop for a second. Hacking is equated with crime in many countries. The focus of the plot is the story behind the hacker attack on one of the largest banks in Germany. The police involved in the investigation of this complicated case, find out what the clues lead them somewhere in Romania. It is from the roots sprout European hacking. Lisa Metz works in Frankfurt. She - a specialist in the fight against cybercrime. A woman goes to the city of Timisoara, which will try to launch an investigation of the sensational case. At this point, the heroine spent her childhood and much of his youth before he left to study and work in Germany. Timisoara Lisa settled a simple policeman, but that does not prevent her to investigate. Many years have passed since then, when the Mets live here, so once their homes it seems quite strange and unusual. Her new partner Adam Sandor tries to maintain a Woman, although it completely different perspective on the problem of investigation in Timisoara. Despite some differences and disagreements pair goes on the right track and is close to the disclosure of the main intrigue of the plot!

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