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Original Title: Hap and Leonard
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: SundanceTV
Creators: Jim Mickle,Nick Damici
Language: English
Description: In the center of the events of the Comedy television series are two of the most common loser - the life of each of the characters proceeded in its own way, but none of them it is not adjusted. Hap Collins began to get into various scrapes since his youth. As a young man, he refused to go to his death in Vietnam. This resulted in a prison sentence, which became a major obstacle to the device of a normal life - the hero spent his youth in prison, and when he came out, he faced many difficulties because of his imprisonment. He could not find a normal job, because " Zek " is not needed by anyone. Therefore, the man began to work hard as a handyman, taking absolutely any part-time job. Problems Leonard pine are also associated with Vietnam, although partially - on war guy still went, but came back a completely different person. After the horrors that he had seen with his own eyes, pine began to experience difficulties with anger management. In addition, he is gay, which makes some inconvenience in his life - not all the people around him understand and accept his orientation, including other family members who because of this practically do not communicate with him. Now hap and Leonard are trying with the help of friendship to help each other to establish their own destinies. Will anything come of it?

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