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Original Title: Heartbeat
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ITV
Creators: Keith Richardson,Gerry Mill
Language: English
Description: A child who disappeared without a trace 12 months ago, suddenly put up for online bidding. The head of the Department for combating violations of the rights of minors appealed for support to Aaron Hotchner. In order to save the child they have exactly 24 hours. At this time, the killer has taken a number of attacks on students in the religious school girls, and at some point changes the style of their work. Elle Greenway has to become a bait" for the successful capture of the killer, but alas fails the task because of their own nerves. The man who was suspected of a crime has to be released. The Department of behavior analysis moves to Seattle, where the villain does his business. Gideon and Hotchner have to work with the writer of novels in a sci-Fi style, the plot of which acts as a killer. Gideon crossed with maniac in the diner, and trying to find out the place where he keeps the kidnapped woman, but the maniac says holding hostage a bus full of children.

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