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Heimat - A German Chronicle kidnapped the Hunsrück village Schabbach and tells the story of the peasant family Simon. In this case, Simon Maria functions (Marita Breuer), its character daughter of the local mayor, a thread by a century saga. The first episode sets in 1919 one, the year in which Mary reached their 19th birthday. In the following years many things in Schabbach that will change over time in the foreseeable community for always happen. Not least, suffers from the small town also under the impact of the First World War.    Later, Maria marries the young man Paul (Michael Lesch) when he returns from the front. Together they believe they have finally found happiness in the country. But the rural idyll quickly breaks down under the domination of the Nazis. Once again, war and suffering pave the way in the life of an ill-fated family. After the Allies put an end to the Third Reich, Maria witness to a divided Germany is. In 1982 - that is when Mary reaches its 82nd year - end home - A German Chronicle after eleven chapters that comprise a respective term of 58 to 138 minutes. (MH)    The home Chronicles of Edgar Reitz    Prologue: stories from the Hunsrück villages (1981)    Heimat - A German Chronicle (1984)    The second home - (1992) Chronicle of a Youth    Heimat 3 - Chronicle of Endings and Beginnings (2004)    Epilogue: History fragments - The Women (2006)    Addendum: The other home - Chronicle of Desire (2013)

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