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Original Title: Hell on Wheels
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
Channel: AMC
Creators: Tony Gayton,Joe Gayton
Language: English
Description: Randomly meeting a naked girl, a man immediately offers her his help, but to do without harassment he can not, for which he pays with his own life. The stranger, who first appeared within the sea town of Bristol Cove, is aggressive and strong, so getting in her way is a terrible thing. In these parts have long been various legends about the inhabitants of the sea, sirens, which are hostile and not located to the sailors, because they catch and kill too many fish, destroying the underwater world. Many sought to end with sirens, but no one this not has ever managed. There are not even those who would just see them and managed to escape to describe how they look for real. Sea seductresses are so good in the business that bewitch the voice and movements even of the most skilled seamen. In Bristol-Crowe, a new girl, she looks a little strange and behaves in a similar way. At the same time, the city is flooded with a series of murders. Someone aims to match them with the arrival of a stranger, but most reject this version, leaning to the fact that it's just a coincidence. However one all-seeing old woman, without stopping attempts, tries to explain to people the truth about who actually is the girl, here only nobody listens to her.

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