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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Channel: USA Network,Broadcast Syndication
Language: English
Description: We invite you to watch the animated series, is based on a well-known TV project, which is twisted in the late nineties in the domestic TV. The project called "Highlander" encompasses a fairly simple concept, which worked from an episode in the episode. Here is the story of the immortal young man named Quentin. Quentin MacLeod is not the first century lives on Earth. He feels lonely, because each new day for him - a real torment. However, the protagonist is not one in this world has a unique ability! There are other immortals who want to use your gift in their own interests. Some are not very nice people, so Quentin personally try to deal with them, so they do not hurt a mere mortal. When it comes time to fight with another immortal foe, the epic battle begins, where the winner will gain strength loser. This advantage will allow him to continue to carry their righteous anger on the planet. This man is now all know nicknamed Highlander. The protagonist tries to do everything possible to get to his main opponent Cortana! Let's see what the outcome of this story!

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