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The legendary Duncan Macleod was born back in 1592, the main character lived more than four hundred years. The thing is that this man is immortal. Duncan leads an endless war with other Immortals who hunt each other. Fighting in fierce confrontations with swords, from a bloody fight on their feet out someone one. Defeated enemy parted with his head and immortality-the only way to kill soldiers.In his adventures, Mr. Macleod faced many enemies, each of which was stronger than the previous one. Where brute force, where cunning, Highlander (as it is called in the narrow circle of initiates) had won victory after victory, but how long will the quiet life? Sooner or later, there may be a person who will send a tired hero to eternal rest.Presented series"Highlander" was a kind of progenitor of the genre of immortality, after which many Directors tried to repeat the success of the story about the adventures of a warrior with a sword. During 6 seasons the viewer will be able to get acquainted with the mountaineer, learn the history of the hero's former life and watch the action-Packed adventures of the acting characters of the film project. We also have the opportunity to assess the quality of special effects and a huge number of combat scenes delivered with professional accuracy.