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Original Title: HIM
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: ITV
Creators: Paula Milne,Andy de Emmony
Language: English
Description: Cute youth series about love. Becky and Steve live one day, they used to not complicate anything, all they need-delicious food, a small dose of alcohol and good sex.The hero is a young man who lives in his own Studio apartment on the allowance, does not burden himself with searching for work, loves his girlfriend, computer games and badgers, the family is a flighty mother and her boyfriend.The heroine loves Steve, football and TV series, lives with her parents, does not work, sympathizes with her impudent sister, who does not improve relations with the guy.The action takes place in the apartment, around the bed of the main characters, they like to descend without an invitation is not always adequate friends and neighbors, against the background of their antics and scandals, the owners look just Goodies.Talented work of the entire crew, without using the modern possibilities of cinema and special effects, they managed to hold the viewer for a long period of time in a confined space filled with love and tenderness, albeit covered with sharp words and Frank banter.

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