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  • Drama
If the cast of the film featured Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe and Fifty St., the picture is doomed to success. After all, these charismatic and charming man by his presence in the film make it a bright and exciting. However, the film is not kept It put on them alone. Crime thriller depicts the everyday life of gangster world, so that no intrigue, car chases and fight scenes can not do. And it's not bad, because they are removed soundly and effectively. Dynamic plot for a minute does not diminish the interest of the public, maintaining the intrigue until the final credits. And the main characters arouse empathy, the viewer simply can not resist their charm, despite the apparently dysfunctional moral character, yet after all hunted all my life ... robbery bandits who decided to tie the bandits. Bandits with the plight. And just so damn charming gangsters, the adventures that were observed with bated breath. And, in addition to the clashes and intense story, directed by Mike Gunther pays attention to inner experiences and the development of the main characters. So we can confidently say that the film will appeal not only to fans of the actor's talent of Bruce Willis, but also to all lovers of a good movie.

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