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  • Drama
The series is set in 2020. It was at this time that one of the energy companies buden launched an active search for new energy sources. To achieve this vital goal, the drilling of Greenland ice will begin. Professor Tom Archer, the main character of the series, was at the epicenter of events. This man is confident that the actions of people can soon lead to the beginning of the ice age, which is known to destroy all life on Earth thousands of years ago. However, the process can not be stopped, because people seem to be distraught with a huge thirst for enrichment and increase their financial wealth. No one thinks to pay attention to the desperate appeals of Tom Archer, who is still trying to stop people. All this led to the fact that soon the terrible fears were justified – the glaciers began to melt at an inexorable speed. The process is so fast that no one can make assumptions about how quickly the entire surface of the Earth will be in the Kingdom of permafrost. The worst thing is that people can not do anything, it's too late. Is it all humanity will die by their own greed, or rather its bitter consequences?

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