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The fictional Saxony clinic in Leipzig defines the central main setting of the German medical drama All about friendship. The focus of this clinical setting, the three doctors befriend Dr. Roland Heilmann, Dr. Maia Dietz and Dr. Achim Kreutzer. Together they go through the eventful day in the hospital and try to cope well beyond their personal problems. For this, the interpersonal ups and downs come in the college and medical emergencies as part of the agenda. With increasing maturity, the tribe Ensemble increased by some additional members and familiar faces left over time also the Saxons clinic.    Main characters of In aller Freundschaft    Dr. Roland Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann) is chief of surgery and deputy medical director. Pia Heilmann is his wife, with whom he has three children: Alina, Jacob and Lisa. He is the grandfather of Jonas.    Pia Heilmann (Hendrikje Fitz) is a psychotherapist and the daughter of Friedrich Steinbach. She is married to Dr. Roland Heilmann and accordingly Alina, Jacob, and their children Lisa. She is the grandmother of Jonas.    Ingrid Rischke (Jutta Kammann) is the head surgery nurse station. She is also the wife of Prof. Dr. Gernot Simoni.    Prof. Dr. Gernot Simoni (Dieter Bellmann) is the medical director of the clinic Saxony. He has a daughter named Rebecca and is married to Ingrid Rischke.    Heber Yvonne Man (Maren Gilzer) is the deputy head surgery nurse station. She is also the former wife of Steffen Frahm.    Charlotte Gauss (Ursula Karusseit) is the tenant of the cafeteria Sachsenklinik. She is the widow of Friedrich Steinbach and the wife of Otto Stein.    Dr. Kathrin Globisch (Andrea-Kathrin Loewig) is the senior physician of anesthesia and surgery. She is also the head of the intensive care unit of the hospital Saxony. She is the daughter of Eva Globisch and the half-sister of Dr. Niklas Ahrend. Their children are called Luke and Hanna.    Background information on In aller Freundschaft    In friendship the kind of doctor / hospital series can be most appropriately attributed. Since 26 October 1998, running on behalf of the German subsidiary Degeto of Saxonia Media Filmproduktion GmbH produced format on German television. Much of the rolls was set with actors and actresses who had already held a big name in the local TV and cinema landscape in GDR times. Likewise, many filmmakers of the DEFA era involved behind the scenes of In aller Freundschaft. is mostly spoken High German - even if the series is based in Saxony Leipzig.