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My noisy house is a very funny animated series about an 11-year-old boy named Lincoln. His family has eleven children. And of them he is the only male offspring. Having 10 sisters, five of whom are older than you, and five younger, is a great responsibility and an incredibly difficult task. To survive in these extreme conditions, Lincoln constantly has to come up with different plans. He is helped by his best friend, whose name is Conrad. List of the main characters of the animated series: Lincoln laud-the Central character around which the action takes place. It is the point in space on which the attention of all his ten sisters is focused. But no matter what the cost, he loves them all. And besides, he loves Ronnie Ann Santiago-classmate and sister friend of his older sister Laurie. Sister Laud: Laud Lori — Oldest. 17 years. Different leadership qualities of character. She has no equal in rolling her eyes and the speed of Texting. Despite vlastnost likes brother and sisters and always cares about them. Her weakness is sushi. Leni laud is 16 years old. Moonlights as a model and dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Constantly reads fashion magazines. Very nice and friendly, but incredibly stupid. But he knows how to sew and is incredibly kind. Moon laud-15 years. loves music and aspires to a career rock musician. Plays electric and classical guitars, can whip up on a drum set, and still owns such a rare instrument, like a lyre. Incredibly serious about life. Like to speak with a British accent. Luan laud is 14 years old. different comic talent, and collects a variety of fun. Loves Mexican food. Going to become a Director or cameraman. Lynn laud - 13 years seriously involved in sports and very successful in this direction. Is very confident, that, however, does not prevent her to love my sisters and brother and always help them when in need. Loves to compete with Lincoln. Lucy laud — 8 years. Writes very depressing poems, because of her love of mysticism and Gothic fiction. Skilled in the art, the sudden appearance in different places, what really scares her sisters and brother. Wears long bangs that reach her nose. Lana laud is 6 years old. Hooligan with patsanski manners. Messing around in the mud with reptiles and amphibians. Has the skills of a plumber. 2 minutes older than his twin sister Lola, and is her absolute opposite in character. Lola laud — 6 years. Lana's twin sister, whose antics she hates. She dreams of becoming a Queen, which is always ready. Solely dressed in airy pink dresses and pink silk gloves. Nag tin crown. In General – Princess. While ... Admiring their reflection whenever they can. Lisa laud — a young genius and experimenter with the manifestations of the abilities of the Prodigy. She has a laboratory in her room, and her relatives often act as Guinea pigs. But she loves them as much as they love her. Lily laud — 15 months. He can't do anything yet, except pull off his dirty diaper and say"ka-ka." Clyde McBride-a very good friend of Lincoln, who helps to survive among the ten sisters. Smotra contempt Lori, faithfully loves her. He is the only child in his family. < p>< ul> a List of minor characters: Mr. and Mrs. laud — mum and dad sisters and brother Lowdow. Their faces are not shown, but it is known that my mother's name is Rita, and she works as an assistant in the dental office. Bobby Santiago is a young man who's Dating Laurie. Works several jobs. He has a younger sister named Ronnie Ann. Ronnie Ann Santiago is the sister of Lori's boyfriend, who is also a classmate of Lincoln. She and Lincoln are in love. Mrs. Johnson is Ronnie Ann and Lincoln's teacher. Charles pet Ludow (pit bull). Cliff — home pet Ludow (cat). Geo — another pet Ludow (the hamster). Walt is an unusual pet family Ludow (cormorant). Pandora-pet personally Lana (lizard). Pryg-another personal pet Lana (frog). Cartoon my noisy house season 1 all series can be downloaded for free on our website at any time of the day!

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