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Original Title: In the Flesh
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: BBC Three
Creators: Dominic Mitchell
Language: English
Description: The plot of the adventure series Timeless season 2 download ensued at a time when an unknown villain stole a time machine and went back in time to implement a sophisticated plan. He planned to go back in time and by its changes to do everything to destroy today's America, and possibly to cease its existence. To prevent this is a rather strange team, which includes a scientist, soldier and historian. They have to find the villain in the distant past and prevent the implementation of his plans. Heroes embark on a journey through the past, looking for his enemy, but for the time he manages to escape from his pursuers.Meanwhile, the characters themselves must act very carefully! After all, any, even the slightest change in the past can be painful to respond through the centuries and years. They need to monitor their actions and be ahead of the criminal at least one step. Will the heroes be able to detain the villain and allow the world to avoid a terrible catastrophe? And will he be able to accept the collapse of his nightmarish plan?

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