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Original Title: Infested
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Animal Planet
Language: English
Description: Our main character - a famous detective in the whole of the UK, which is regularly mistaken for a Frenchman, but actually he is Belgian. He has a number of beneficial qualities for a detective, that becomes an excellent tool Hercule Poirot in his investigations. During his life, he managed a lot of time to restore justice by sending in a prison cell with a dozen criminals. However, the most interesting character of the investigation is yet to come! 1 In the beginning of the season he will find out who is behind the kidnapping of an ordinary cook, the disappearance of which he said Miss Todd - wealthy woman, Eliza gave the missing work. Intrigued by this case the hero is taken to scrutinize everything that even slightly concerned Eliza. This ultimately allows him to find the cook. From her he learns very interesting story, and thanks to this story understands that Eliza can be linked to another crime - a loud bank robbery that occurred a few months ago. But what binds these two incidents? And what role in what's happening takes the cook?

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