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At the same time the drilling of oil magnate criminal Blackthorne Shore encounters a trapped in a cave monster with green tentacles and freed it. The amber block which is now in the Natural History Museum, are suddenly shrill tones, and by breaking off chunks of the head of the dinosaur is released. Tendril, the green monster, freed D'Compose, the dinosaur, from his amber prison. Both are swallowed as if from the ground during a fight with military and police. The Earth Corps it previously to grab another tissue sample from Tendril succeed. The research on this Inhumanoids the researchers hit the Redwoods, large tree monster. This report an armed conflict that took place ages ago between the Inhumanoids on one side and the redwoods, the Granites and Magnokor, on the other side. Joining forces the Inhumanoids were finally subjected to and held under the ground. It turns out that Tendril and D'Compose want to free the third and worst InHumanoid, Metlar, obviously, which is absorbed by Magnokor with a strong magnetic field. The Earth Corps takes the fight against the Inhumanoids who seek to subjugate the earth on.

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