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The plot revolves around miles Tancredi, who worked in intelligence, but was removed from office after one ill-fated case. He lived an ordinary life of a man in the street and did not plan to resume his previous career, completely disappointed in it, but personal misfortune forced him to do so. Returning to work, the main character was unpleasantly surprised to see that other employees are ready to act cynically, solely for their own benefit, even if it comes to betrayal. The main character has always had a lot of enemies, but now they have become even more dangerous and insidious than before. Some even managed to get into the ranks of the secret service of the state. The main purpose of the bandits is to spoil the Affairs that are connected with the international relations of the country. Criminals are cunning and act on well-thought-out plan. Among the colleagues of the hero is full of deceivers, so he has to throw all his strength and use a tenacious mind to unravel the plans of the bandits and prevent them. To do this, you need to remember the acquired skills, if they are not completely lost. A difficult test, whether to cope with it Tancredi?

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