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Original Title: Invasion: Earth
Channel: BBC One
Language: English
Description: Criminal event occur where, seemingly do not: alluring sea, the hot sun, the sky without a cloud, warm sand and palm trees rustling nearby. Here it is - a paradise called Miami. Having started playing detective series «C.S.I .: Miami", you can be terrified. "Why?" - think of the viewer. All because that in this cinematic masterpiece showing the atrocities are so cruel and thoughtful that even the police can not cope with their prevention. In view of these circumstances, the most picturesque place of the planet visited by a professional team of criminalists. It is led by an expert who is able to instantly identify the killer - Detective Horatio Caine. This team consists of young, intelligent and self-confident people. They are able to unravel even the most vague history. They calculate every step of the criminal with the help of modern equipment and its own logic. The series will be enjoyed by all fans of detective stories!

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