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A historical multi-part television film dedicated to the legendary figure, a recognized expert of Chinese martial arts, who for the first time openly began to teach a separate style of kung fu called Wing-Chun, once a secret and closed to a wide audience. Began to teach everyone ancient knowledge about martial arts in the 50s - 60s of the twentieth century in Hong Kong, Yip man today the figure is famous far beyond China. Worldwide fame of his teaching, as well as the teacher himself brought one of his students, called Bruce Lee, a famous actor and popularizer of martial arts in America and Europe. The plot of the TV series tells the story of the life of an amazing man, from a young age began to study the traditional martial arts for his country from the best masters of China. Growing up and becoming a young but talented craftsman was accompanied by an unstable political situation in the country, which played a role in his life and forced one day to leave his native walls and move to Hong Kong. It was there, with no means of livelihood, he will be forced to start paid training style of wing-Chun, in spite of existing many years the clan tradition in the transmission of skill. But even then he did not advertise his services, the students themselves found a famous mentor, who devoted his whole life to the comprehension of the ancient skill.

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