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A team of creative young people performs absolutely meaningless, ridiculous, and sometimes just stupid and unpleasant tricks, and shoots them on video. It would be possible to pass by, but the picture tightens, charging with a positive. Guys play each other or passers-by, watch the reaction of people who have no idea what it is, it is always very interesting.For example, an attempt to RAM a phone booth, sitting on a Bicycle, causes only bewilderment, but the stuntman launched from a cannon and flying several tens of meters, feels incomparable sensations.Here skating on carts from the supermarket with the prerequisite to dump the rider on the turf, and who then departs. Isn't that absurd?The adventures of the passengers and the wheelchair ends with the explosion of the indignation of others. The participant of the documentary, sitting in a wheelchair, wearing voluminous pants, to not hurt to fall. The second plays a social worker, sharply directing the stroller on the roadway or stairs. The viewer knows that this is a joke, and passers-by can be understood.It is impossible not to catch Homeric laughter, with which the participants of the shooting ride on the simulator"treadmill" and try to jump on it on one leg.And here is even more ridiculous entertainment. Two guys stand with their backs to the hall, the rest are trying to get into their fifth point oranges. However, do a lot of target put on the helmets is not clear.

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