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Original Title: James May's Big Ideas
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: BBC Two
Language: English
Description: And once again we are able to follow the hilarious misadventures of members of the student community, which is quite similar to the more popular students association "Kappa" or "Alpha". In contrast, all seven characters are more losers, but this track is only interesting for the development of the plot. At the beginning of Season 5, "Classmates" series, we see that Jeff decided to return to Greendale after he finished training. The guy is going to proceed with the research practice and does not intend for anything to be distracted. But from the first day it absorbs the lesson more interesting - he begins to learn what happened to his friends after he left a year ago. Learned a lot, the man still chooses to stay at the university and takes office as the new teacher Greendale. Now he has to figure out what is this to be "on the other side of the fence" - a former student will have to be the person who will become the subject of ridicule seniors.

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