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Original Title: Jo
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: TF1
Creators: René Balcer,Klaus Zimmermann,Olivier Bibas
Language: English
Description: Jo St. Clair has for many years at the Paris homicide and known that he can solve the most difficult and mysteriösesten murders. He is equally brilliant and terrifying as it may think just like the serial killer, after which he studied and therefore can very well empathize with them. Together with his partner Marc Bayard, he is now back in front of a particularly complicated case. A series of murders happened in Paris, always in each case on one of the most famous venues in the city. Bodies are found at the Eiffel Tower, in front of Notre-Dame and the catacombs. Jo and Bayard must find the killer before all sights in Paris to become a crime scene. At the same Jo tormenting personal problems. He wants to continue with his daughter Adèle, why he needs the help of the nun Karyn.    Main characters of The Cop - Crime Scene Paris    Joachim 'Jo' Saint-Clair (Jean Reno) is the son of a prostitute, which is why he was given the name of the street where he was born: Saint-Clair. Since his childhood he loves the city of Paris and has also acquired a lot of knowledge. In his life, Jo has already been through a lot and had problems with alcohol, drugs and women. Now he is trying to restart his daughter Adèle (Heida Reed).    Sister Karyn (Jill Hennessy) is an unorthodox nun who does not bear the traditional garb of such. It is Jos confidante and friend. She helps him to take his daughter Adèle again contact. At 19, she suffered a severe loss and has since taught her life to God out. She runs a refugee house for prostitutes and was like a mother to Adèle.    Marc Bayard (Tom Austen) is a determined and enthusiastic young policeman who has done it quickly into the high ranks of the police. He has been working for two years with Jo and performs a kind of father-son relationship with him. Bayard is married and recently a father himself, but finds it difficult to take his family and his job under a hat.    Background information on The Cop - Crime Scene Paris    Originally, it was announced that the TV series would run under the name Le Grand, a nickname for Detective Jo. Later she was then, however, only called Jo. Executive producer Klaus Zimmermann described the show as a police series in which each episode should be a small version of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. The film was shot entirely in Paris. Jo is Jean Reno's first role in a series. Reno was immediately taken with the idea of ​​the series and said yes.

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