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A small mini-series about the life of a great woman, whose name went down in history, from the canadian Director Christian Dugue. Starring leelee Sobieski, Peter O Toole.Many people know the story of this noble girl who became the Savior of France. Well, now you can admire her life and destiny once again. In the distant 1412 year in a small settlement, on the border between the two warring communities was born she – Jeanne. In those days the birth of her daughter did not promise anything good, especially among poor peasants, because the girl is just another mouth to feed, which leaves the father's house after her husband. The father at first just wanted to kill the newborn daughter, however mother tearfully asked to leave to the child life. Then, in order not to waste time in vain, the wise father decided to teach his child all the tricks of men's life. In childhood she grew up, seeing before him only of murder and violence. The country was a protracted war, people died from wounds, hunger and disease and nothing could change the situation. At fourteen she first saw the divine light, which predicted her great future. Jeanne knew his mission and his true purpose in life – it must at all costs to unite the scattered Kingdom under king Charles, who will be able to expel the British from the lands of beautiful France. Naturally no one believed in the divinity of the mission, but the king's henchmen hastened to declare the girl the chosen one of God and give her the title of the virgin of Lorraine. Since then she fought on a par with men under the banner of the king.

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